Our Profile

Reliable & trustworthy service provider

Our Profile

Since the early 1990s, Raduga has primed itself to be a premier mobility solutions provider.
Today, it is a strong distributor of mobile phones, providing end-to-end solutions for brand principals, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Our distribution network spans countries located all over the world, with local representatives of each country providing their expertise in handling every step of the distribution process; from logistics to marketing and sales.

We have a very strong presence in emerging markets (Asia and Southeast Asia), which widens our geographical coverage beyond our borders. Through such networks, we are more than capable of catering to retailers and end-users worldwide.


Growing from strength-to-strength in the mobility sector since the early 1990s, we progressed from being an electronics retail store to encompass distributorship competencies in every stage of our mobile solutions.

Throughout the years, we have won many awards and have earned a reputable name as a reliable and trustworthy service provider in the mobility sector.

What We Do

Marketing Management

Our arsenal of knowledge of markets located across South East Asia and Emerging Asia Region as well as worldwide gives you a primer on the demand of mobility products that you wish to sell.

With familiarity in territorial demands in the mobility sector, we also make recommendations for product targeting to reach the appropriate target audience.

Channel Distribution

With a wide network that spans beyond our national borders, mobile phone operators, brands and retailers alike can rely on Raduga to provide a full suite of services that meets their needs.

With far-reaching relationships in nearby countries (South East Asia and Emerging Asia) and other continents, Raduga is capable of opening up previously untapped territories and markets for the benefit of your business.

Logistical Solutions

Our primary strength lies in our seamless logistics management. We believe in relying on our own capabilities to deliver quick-paced and quality solutions.

We administer our own stringent quality-control procedures, bringing you speed and quality in one place.

That is our commitment.

Product Lifecycle Management

As your products move from your hands to your target market(s), we employ proven marketing strategies and initiatives that communicate each brand’s message effectively, and target them to the appropriate audiences; an all-round approach that helps you to sell effectively.

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